Individual Meditation Coaching


Create a New You through Meditation!


Do you feel disturbed and interrupted by today’s hectic lifestyle?


Do you feel overwhelmed on a regular basis, finding it difficult to organize your life effectively?


Do you feel constantly stressed and fatigued?


Are you looking for ways to be happy, healthy and successful?


If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, meditation coaching can help! Through your own practice of daily 15-minute meditation, you can change your habits and will rediscover the answers that already lie within you, helping to restore balance, reduce stress, improve health and personal wellness, leading to increased productivity and success!


Benefits of Individual Meditation Coaching


  • Achieve clarity in all areas of your life
  • Change your habits easily and effortlessly
  • Make better decisions
  • Create emotional and mental efficiency
  • Understand your unique talents and destiny
  • Create your personal vision clearly
  • Lead a better work-life balance with family and friends


How Does Meditation Coaching Work?


Meditation Coaching is different from psychological therapy or life coaching in that we don’t spend a lot of time exploring mental and emotional wounds. Instead, we implement meditation to help you observe your current situation in a different and higher perspective. We will discuss your problems and the goals you want to achieve, and you will be explained about your problems in certain universal laws like the Law of Cause-and-Effect, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Minimum Effort, etc. You will understand yourself better and you will have the clear sense of “you are the master of your own life.” Through this process, you will perceive clearly the next steps you need to take in order to move forward in your life. You will be guided through a 15-minute-meditation, which you should then meditate daily to take control of your life and to experience positive changes. You will learn to transform your negative emotions and experiences from the past to the higher level of energy to use for your future’s life. You will acquire the skill-sets of goal-setting, planing, organizing, decision-making, consulting with your higher self and manifesting your wishes and desires for your life.


You may schedule coaching sessions at your preferable intervals accompanied by individual daily practice, though once per week in the beginning is optimal. As you become more skilled and proficient with meditating, you may choose to adjust the frequency of coaching sessions according to your own needs and personal rhythm.

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