Corporate Meditation Training


Transform your work atmosphere for increased productivity and results!


The success of any company is reflected by the success of its employees. Nandar Matari conducts powerful group meditation sessions for companies and their employees designed to promote health, reduce stress, strengthen connectivity and ultimately improve productivity among your employees. With weekly one-hour group meditations, you will begin to see dramatic improvement in the mood and energy of your employees.

Corporate Yoga Class

The skill-sets, tools and abilities, which will be trained in group-meditation


Group-meditation is more than a relaxing exercise. From the first session of meditation, employees will learn to let go of toxic emotions and thoughts patterns, which do not serve them anymore. They will also learn to start their days consciously and to plan their day ahead. There will be meditations, which help them to find out their own unique talents. They will see and know their vision clearly. They will also understand what they have to do to achieve their goals and to live their vision in their personal and professional life. Each and every week, they will learn different themes. Some of the themes of group meditations are transforming energy, self-love, self-respect, forgiveness, inner child healing, creating vision, balancing energy, thankfulness and so on. The themes will help them to build up the characters and confidence. They will eventually understand their own innate spiritual nature and live it in their everyday’s life.


The employees will learn many skill-sets of personal transformation, planning, communication, organizing, goal-setting and decision-making etc., which are the important assets to lead to productivity and increase sales for the company.



Benefits of Group Meditation


– Reduces stress and promotes employee mental/emotional health

– Employees can develop stronger connections with their colleagues and with your customers, helping them understand one another and work together more intuitively

– Employees regain a sense of clarity about their own value, raising their self-esteem and helping them become more focused and productive as a result

– Gives employees a clarified sense of personal vision and their place in the company, which strengthens their sense of commitment and loyalty to the team

– Improves the work atmosphere by invoking a sense of calmness


Corporate meditation training yields optimal results when sessions are held weekly over a course of 3-6 months.

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