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Corporate Yoga Class

Very often organization suffers from cultural chaos, lack of productivity and poor leadership. The main reason is because the employees do not know how to deal with their own feelings and emotions. Solving these problems through regular group meditations in the company can  transform your work atmosphere for increased productivity and results.


Many professionals come to me because they suffer from anxiety, feel stuck in their careers and are strangled by fears. This can affect their career. Through regular mediation, they can solve these problems. My 10-15 minutes guided meditations are designed to increase confidence, emotional intelligence, problem-solving and decision making skills.


As a noted expert of meditation and mindfulness, Nandar Matari is available to speak at conferences, corporate events and other gatherings on endless values of meditation, mindfulness and higher consciousness. She wants to bring up the proven scientific facts and research on the benefits of meditation and inspire others to meditate through the stories of her own personal transformation and hundreds of her students in Asia, Europe and the United States.

About me

I started learning meditation from Buddhist monks in monastery in Myanmar since 1993. Meditation is part of my own culture and I am practicing meditation for 26 years now. It supports me enormously in developing my own confidence and in achieving many personal and professional goals living in many different cities like Yangon, Bangkok, Frankfurt & Zurich practicing different careers successfully.

Since I became a Team Leader in Financial Consulting Business in Frankfurt, Germany, I started teaching her team members to meditate because I wants to help them in reducing stress & anxiety, improving creativity and productivity. Since March 2014, I decided to follow her inner calling to use her unique talent of teaching meditation and helped many people from all walks of life for their personal, professional and spiritual transformation within a short period of time.

How Meditation Helps

Meditation is a way to retrain our mind. During our deep state of meditation called Samadhi (Sanskrit word) new neuropaths are formed and it increases our brain function hugely. According to many scientific proofs, meditation can

  • Prevents disease, promotes health and logevity
  • Promotes balanced brain functioning – reverses PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression
  • Develops the prefrontal cortex – increases IQ, creativity, moral reasoning – promotes academic achievement and exceed performance
  • Brings fulfillment in Higher States of Consciousness – Total brain functioning, Self Realization, liberation and beyond



Following the Spark: How Living Authentically Leads to Finding Destiny

In her autobiography, Nandar Matari shares the compelling story of how she grew up in poverty in a restrictive Buddhist society in Myanmar, her struggles to leave her country to find freedom, her disillusionment with the elusive pursuit of success in the developed world, and how she ultimately found her purpose in serving others.

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Please download a short audio webinar “Meditate to Get Clear, Relaxed and Inwardly Focused”

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